Good Things Come In Small Packages

January 2nd, 2012 by kamerondiaz69

Good Things Come In Small Packages01 Good Things Come In Small Packages Good Things Come In Small Packages02 Good Things Come In Small Packages Good Things Come In Small Packages03 Good Things Come In Small Packages Good Things Come In Small Packages04 Good Things Come In Small Packages
Good Things Come In Small Packages06 Good Things Come In Small Packages Good Things Come In Small Packages07 Good Things Come In Small Packages Good Things Come In Small Packages08 Good Things Come In Small Packages

Year: 1989

Director: Fred J. Lincoln

Starring: Sharon KaneTami MonroeVictoria ParisKristina KingGregor SamsaJoey Silvera

Description: She may be tiny…but sexual dynamo Tami Monroe generates a million watts of erotic electricity! New to the Hollywood scene, Tami’s adventures on the road to stardom are dirty and delicious! As a passionate personal assistant, this lusty lass moves up fast.

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Herschel Savage

January 2nd, 2012 by kamerondiaz69

herschel savage Herschel Savage

Date of birth: 25 November 1952

Bio: Herschel Savage is the usual nom-de-porn for this always affable stud who’s made a couple of riveting runs through the porno world. Herschel’s an East Coast guy whose naturalistic approach to hardcore has made him one of the most prolific male porners of all time. Not the most traditionally handsome guy in the business, Herschel comes across as a down to earth, average guy who somehow found himself right in the middle of one of the wildest industries around. He exudes a friendly presence when on screen, and is known throughout the business as a straight-up stud who doesn’t have a big head or star complex at all.

Herschel was born on November 25, 1952, the son of Russian Jewish parents in New York. He grew up with the dream of becoming an actor, and was working on the fringes of the stage scene in New York City when porn came calling. His girlfriend at the time was a pal of porn impresario R. Bolla, and arranged for Herschel to meet with an agent. In March of 1976, Savage shot his first hardcore loop and a career was born. Savage was tired of the constant hustling required to be a legit actor in New York and porn’s more relaxed shooting schedule fit his lifestyle well.

Between 1976 and 1988 Herschel appeared in over 600 features, winning fans as much for his no-poses demeanor as his obvious sexual prowess. Among his best flicks was the classic ‘Bodies in Heat,’ where Herschel hooked up with Kimberly Carson and Annette Haven in a pair of sizzling sessions. He won the 1987 AVN Award for Best Couples Sex Scene for his work with Nina Hartley in ‘Amanda By Night 2.’ He retired from the scene in ’88 to settle down with his new wife. Unfortunately, their marriage foundered and by 1995 he was single again and looking for something to fill his time.

Friend David ‘Pussyman’ Christopher convinced Herschel that he still had what it took to excel at porn. Once he laid his eyes on the scrumptious young cuties populating the industry of late, Herschel was ready to jump right back into the thick of things. He’s appeared in hundreds of flicks since 1997 and has once again staked a claim to being one of the scene’s greatest male stars. Among his best recent work is his fiery tussle with Alexandra Nice and Alana in ‘Hot Bods and Tail Pipe 5.’ Other blistering scene find Herschel taking on breasty beauty Charlie in a fabulously feverish fling in ‘Masterpiece’ and getting down and dirty with Ann Marie in ‘Babes in Pornland: Latin Babes.’

Currently working towards his 1100th hardcore appearance, Herschel’s glad he made a return to the industry. His professional approach, steady work ethic and skills between the sheets insure that he’ll be getting roles for as long as he decides to stick with it. He’s worked with just about every starlet the scene has churned out over the past 25 years — from Vanessa Del Rio to Felix Vicious, from Annette Haven to Dee, from Sunset Thomas to Sunrise Adams, he’s had them all. Herschel’s a very deserving member of both the AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame.

Alternate Names:Van Ayasit|Bill Barry|Billy Bell|Bill Berry|William Berry|Jack Black|Jack Blake|Hardey Cahuen|Joel Caine|Herschel Cohen|Harvey Cowan|Harvey Cowen|Harvey Crain|Vic Falcoln|Greg Falcon|Vic Falcon|Howard Gibs|Gerald Graystone|Harvey|Cornell Hayes|Hershel|V. Howard|Dan Hues|Paul Hues|Harvey Kane|Joel Kane|Loel Laiter|H. Savage|Harvey Savage|Herscel Savage|Herschal Savage|Hershal Savage|Hershell Savage|Hershel Savage|Heschel Savage|Hubert Savage|Herschel Savege|Jack Sin|Jack Soft|Herscel Steed|Harvy Wood


1. Golden Age Of Porn: Candy Samples N/A
2. Kay Parker: 4 Pack N/A
3. Taija Rae Triple Feature N/A
4. Dorothy Le May: 4 Pack N/A
5. Annette Haven Screws The Stars N/A
6. John Holmes – King Of Porn : 4 Pack N/A
7. Strokin’ To The Oldies: Barbara Dare N/A
8. Nikki Charm Returns N/A
9. Swedish Erotica 12 N/A
10. Harry Reems: 4 Pack N/A
11. Nina Hartley # 3: 4 Pack N/A
12. Gina Carrera: 4 Pack N/A
13. Keisha Screws The Stars N/A
14. Taija Rae Screws The Stars N/A
15. Debbie Does Dallas – 30th Anniversary Edition N/A
16. Ginger Lynn Screws The Stars N/A
17. Erica Boyer Non-Stop N/A
18. Swedish Erotica 20 N/A
19. International Battle Of Superstars N/A
20. Swedish Erotica 19 N/A
21. Jail Bait (1976)
22. I Feel It Rising (1976)
23. Captain Lust (1977)
24. Lustful Feelings (1977)
25. Odyssey (1977)
26. Debbie Does Dallas (1978)
27. Hot Honey (1978)
28. Skin Flicks (1978)
29. Satin Suite (1979)
30. Blonde In Black Silk (1979)
31. Hot Child in the City (1979)
32. Honeysuckle Rose (1979)
33. Sound Of Love (1980)
34. On White Satin (1980)
35. Ladies Night (1980)
36. The Filthy Rich (1980)
37. Hot Line (1980)
38. Love Dreams (1981)
39. Amanda by Night (1981)
40. Blondes Have More Fun (1981)
41. Beyond Your Wildest Dreams (1981)
42. Cover Girl (1981)
43. Aunt Peg’s Fulfillment (1981)
44. Seka`s Fantasies (1981)
45. Lips (1981)
46. A Thousand and One Erotic Nights (1982)
47. I Like to Watch (1982)
48. The Blonde Next Door (1982)
49. Memphis Cathouse Blues (1982)
50. Garage Girls (1982)
51. Mai Lin vs. Serena (1982)
52. That’s My Daughter (1982)
53. Marathon (1982)
54. Satisfactions (1982)
55. Private Pleasures Of A Woman (1982)
56. Let’s Talk Sex (1983)
57. San Fernando Valley Girls (1983)
58. Nurses of The 407th (1983)
59. Little Girls Blue 2 (1983)
60. Back Door Girls (1983)
61. Bad Girls 2 (1983)
62. Too much too soon (1983)
63. Fantasy Follies (1983)
64. Foxholes (1983)
65. Up ‘n’ Coming (1983)
66. Private Moments (1983)
67. Virginia (1983)
68. A Taste of Money (1983)
69. Summer Camp Girls (1983)
70. Sorority Sweethearts (1983)
71. The Young Like It Hot (1983)
72. Nightlife (1983)
73. Erotic Radio WSEX (1983)
74. Carnal Olympics (1983)
75. Working It Out (1983)
76. Inspirations (1983)
77. Moments Of Love (1983)
78. Sex Star (1983)
79. What Gets Me Hot! (1984)
80. Coffee, Tea or Me (1984)
81. Spectators (1984)
82. Back to Class (1984)
83. Kissin Cousins (1984)
84. Sex Play (1984)
85. Stiff Competition (1984)
86. Sexsations (1984)
87. China and Silk (1984)
88. Sister Dearest (1984)
89. The Erotic World Of Sunny Day (1984)
90. The Erotic World Of Renee Summers (1984)
91. House of Pleasure (1984)
92. Pleasure Productions Volume 7 (1984)
93. Pleasure Productions Volume 9 (1984)
94. Raven (1984)
95. Corporate Assets (1985)
96. Lust in Space (1985)
97. Night Prowlers (1985)
98. One Night in Bangkok (1985)
99. Ginger On The Rocks (1985)
100. Wild Things (1985)
101. Trashy Lady (1985)
102. If My Mother Only Knew (1985)
103. How Do You Like It? (1985)
104. Letters of Love (1985)
105. The Backdoor Club (1985)
106. Showdown (1985)
107. Free and Foxy (1985)
108. Tower of Power (1985)
109. Inspector Cliteau in… The Pink Panties (1985)
110. Getting Personal (1985)
111. Amber Aroused (1985)
112. Sex-a-vision (1985)
113. It’s My Body (1985)
114. Physical 2 (1985)
115. Poonies (1985)
116. Naked Eyes (1985)
117. Take Me! (1985)
118. Coming Together (1985)
119. Blue Ribbon Blue (1985)
120. Squalor Motel (1985)
121. Blue Ice (1985)
122. Coming of Angels The Sequel (1985)
123. Some Kind Of Woman (1985)
124. Tight And Tender (1985)
125. Erotic Zones The Movie (1985)
126. Innocent Taboo (1986)
127. Harem Girls (1986)
128. Winner Takes All (1986)
129. In Search of the Golden Bone (1986)
130. Hot Gun (1986)
131. Double Standards (1986)
132. Slip Into Ginger and Amber (1986)
133. Ultimate Lover (1986)
134. Down and Dirty in Beverly Hills (1986)
135. Family Heat (1986)
136. Mouth Watering (1986)
137. Living Doll (1986)
138. Doctor Penetration (1986)
139. Cornholed Hussies (1986)
140. Debbie Goes to College (1986)
141. Merry X Miss (1986)
142. Amber Lynn Screws The Stars (1986)
143. In All The Right Places (1986)
144. Busty Wrestling Babes (1986)
145. Black To The Future (1986)
146. Mad Sex (1986)
147. Rear Entry (1986)
148. Holiday for Angels (1987)
149. Ladies Room (1987)
150. Jane Bond Meets the Man with the Golden Rod (1987)
151. The Ladies Room (1987)
152. Ginger Snaps (1987)
153. Barbara the Barbarian (1987)
154. Charmed And Dangerous (1987)
155. Pretty Peaches 2 (1987)
156. Legends of Porn (1987)
157. The Big Gulp 2 (1987)
158. Adultress (1987)
159. Furburgers (1987)
160. Whatever Turns You On (1987)
161. Blow Off (1987)
162. Billionaire Girls Club (1988)
163. La Boomba (1988)
164. Backdoor Lust (1988)
165. This is Your Sex Life (1988)
166. Amanda By Night 2 (1988)
167. Brazilian Connection (1988)
168. Bitches In Heat Volume 11 (1988)
169. Bitches In Heat Volume 13 (1988)
170. Detroit Dames (1989)
171. Bodies In Heat:The Sequel (1989)
172. Coming on Strong (1989)
173. Taboo 7 (1989)
174. Ginger Lynn and Co (1989)
175. Lisa De Leeuw Screws The Stars (1989)
176. Nina Hartley Screws The Stars (1990)
177. Swedish Erotica Hard 17 (1991)

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Crash In Da Rear

January 2nd, 2012 by kamerondiaz69

Crash In Da Rear01 Crash In Da Rear Crash In Da Rear02 Crash In Da Rear Crash In Da Rear03 Crash In Da Rear Crash In Da Rear04 Crash In Da Rear
Crash In Da Rear06 Crash In Da Rear Crash In Da Rear07 Crash In Da Rear Crash In Da Rear08 Crash In Da Rear

Year: N/A

Director: N/A

Starring: N/A

Description: N/A

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Girl On The Run

January 2nd, 2012 by kamerondiaz69

Girl On The Run01 Girl On The Run Girl On The Run02 Girl On The Run Girl On The Run03 Girl On The Run Girl On The Run04 Girl On The Run
Girl On The Run06 Girl On The Run Girl On The Run07 Girl On The Run Girl On The Run08 Girl On The Run

Year: 1985

Director: Charles De Santos

Starring: Kimberly CarsonLili MarleneRebecca LondonYôko WongBlair HarrisDan T. Mann

Description: Dorothy is on the run, trying to get as far away from Kansas (get it?) as she can! She’ll leave a world of hurt behind for the big city of San Francisco! She’ll meet a lot of interesting, sexy guys and girls there, who want to all take turns fucking her tits off! Dorothy’s in for one hell of an adventure!

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Teenage Bikers

January 2nd, 2012 by kamerondiaz69

Teenage Bikers01 Teenage Bikers Teenage Bikers02 Teenage Bikers Teenage Bikers03 Teenage Bikers Teenage Bikers04 Teenage Bikers
Teenage Bikers06 Teenage Bikers Teenage Bikers07 Teenage Bikers Teenage Bikers08 Teenage Bikers

Year: 1977

Director: N/A

Starring: Jamie GillisClea CarsonBobby AstyrJohn BucoVanessa del RioJeri Niles

Description: N/A

Classic porn stars of 1970 porn 1980 in the golden age of porn

Swedish Erotica Vol.110

January 2nd, 2012 by kamerondiaz69

1 Swedish Erotica Vol.110

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Vintage porn star Mai Lin plays obedient maid

January 2nd, 2012 by kamerondiaz69

1 Vintage porn star Mai Lin plays obedient maid

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Veronica Hall

January 2nd, 2012 by kamerondiaz69

veronica hall Veronica Hall

Date of birth: 28 May 1967

Bio: N/A

Alternate Names:Jennifer Hall|Jeri Hall


1. Angel Puss (1988)
2. The Catwoman (1988)

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Tiffany Mynx

January 2nd, 2012 by kamerondiaz69

tiffany mynx Tiffany Mynx

Date of birth: 10 October 1971

Bio: N/A

Alternate Names:Angelica|Tiffany Minx|Shannon


1. Golden Age Of Porn Tiffany Mynx N/A
2. Sorority Sex Kittens # 4 N/A
3. Retro Pussy N/A
4. Deep Inside Collection: 4 Pack N/A
5. Swedish Erotica 23 N/A
6. Blue Bayou (1983)
7. Foolish Pleasures (1989)
8. Best Butte in the West (1992)
9. Nikki Never Says No (1992)
10. American Built (1992)
11. Deep Throat 6 (1992)
12. Sorority Sex Kittens 2 (1992)
13. Sorority Sex Kittens (1992)
14. Midnight Confessions (1992)
15. Pubic Eye (1992)
16. Face Sitter 2 (1993)
17. Bad Habits (1994)

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Die Hasen von San Francisco

January 1st, 2012 by kamerondiaz69

Die Hasen von San Francisco01 Die Hasen von San Francisco Die Hasen von San Francisco02 Die Hasen von San Francisco Die Hasen von San Francisco03 Die Hasen von San Francisco Die Hasen von San Francisco04 Die Hasen von San Francisco
Die Hasen von San Francisco06 Die Hasen von San Francisco Die Hasen von San Francisco07 Die Hasen von San Francisco Die Hasen von San Francisco08 Die Hasen von San Francisco

Year: 1978

Director: Hans Billian

Starring: Angel DucharmeKitty ShayneLiza DwyerJesse Adams

Description: Die Hasen von San Franzisco sind besonders heiss! Junge Paare treiben erotische Wechselspiele. Es beginnt mit einem schnellem Sex von Jesse Smith und Linda Brown. Lindas Ehemann ist in Eile, denn Linda und ihr Liebhaber warten schon darauf dass er dazustösst. In der Zwischenzeit treibt John’s Freundin lesbische Spiele mit einem blutjungen Mädchen, um anschließend ihren Liebhaber zu empfangen. Zur Sache Vötzchen: Im Café Dingsbums geht’s mal wieder heftig zur [read more]

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