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laura lazare Laura Lazare

Date of birth: N/A

Bio: One of the most striking women to appear in hardcore during the industry’s early days, Porn Star Laura Lazare was a fun-loving little brunette with an energetic and sensual approach to sex that made her an instant fan favorite. Laura Lazare’s lithe figure was an all-natural thing of beauty — of course, this was back in the days before anyone had heard of silicone implants, anyway! Laura Lazare was a good actress as well as a tenacious tiger in the sack, which helped make her presence in a sex film a truly memorable experience.

Laura Lazare’s first hardcore appearance was in 1981′s ‘Cells Of Passion,’ where she took on Ron Jeremy and another starlet in a frenzied threesome that let fans know that Laura Lazare’s sexual heat was more than a match for her lovely exterior. She appeared in some of the hottest sexvids of the early 80s, including classics like ’1001 Erotic Nights’ and ‘All American Girls,’ and was never less than mesmerizing.

One of Laura Lazare’s best performances can be found in 1982′s ‘Purely Physical.’ She starred as a motel clerk who fantasizes about the lascivious goings-on at her business. And Laura Lazare provided the flick’s erotic highlight when she convinced a traveling salesman to let her do the talking (and much more). She’s also fantastic in the Shauna Grant vehicle ‘Suzie Superstar.’

Laura Lazare left the business in late 1984, having brought her enticingly erotic appetites to around ten hardcore flicks. For fans of wonderfully natural curves and sensual brunette beauties, Laura Lazare’s old school workouts can still prove to be quite a blast.

Alternate Names:Laura Lazane|Laura Lazar|Laura Lazarre


1. Ladies Night (1980)
2. Seven Seductions of Madame Lau (1981)
3. A Thousand and One Erotic Nights (1982)
4. All American Girls (1982)
5. Purely Physical (1982)
6. All About Annette (1982)
7. Satisfactions (1982)
8. Private Moments (1983)

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