Kristine Heller

kristine heller Kristine Heller

Date of birth: N/A

Bio: Kristine is the current porn record holder in the category of ‘Most Name Changes During A Carnal Career.’ Well, the names may change, but the aggressively sexual lady who answered to them turned in some of the most consistently erotic performances of the late 70s. Kristine Heller was a youthful looking strumpet originally from Australia, who moved to the San Francisco bay area in the early 70s. With her wide, seductive eyes, a fabulously sexy little figure, and the take-charge attitude of a born pornstress, Kristine Heller blazed a distinctive trail through the early hardcore scene. She was one of the decade’s true oral specialists, turning in mouthwatering scorchers in virtually every flick she sexed in.

Kristine Heller played lots of teen-coming-of-age roles when she first hit the scene in the mid-70s. She had the perfect balance of innocent good looks and hard-charging attitude to make the roles come to life. One of Kristine Heller’s best ingenue performances occurred in 1977′s ‘Baby Face,’ where she took on former Oakland Raider great Otis Sistrunk in a scintillating sequence.

Kristine Heller did a lot of work for Alex DeRenzy, becoming one of the leading lights of SF-based porn. She was the off-screen girlfriend of porn stud John Leslie during the latter part of the decade, and turned in some nice work opposite him. Kristine Heller’s tour-de-force, in fact, was 1978′s ‘Confessions Of A Woman,’ where she starred as John Leslie’s philandering wife. She turned in no less than five over-heated sex scenes, most of which illustrated her prodigious oral abilities in eye-popping detail. No stranger to the ladies, Kristine Heller’s lesbian scenes in ‘Ceremony’ (with adorable Monique Cardin) and ‘Reflections’ (with Annette Haven) are the stuff of Sapphic dreams.

Kristine Heller retired from the biz in 1978, leaving behind over twenty wonderfully sexy flicks. In a tragic footnote to her carnal career, Kristine Heller committed suicide in 1989. The details of her death remain private. Still, Kristine Heller remains one of the real unsung heroines of early hardcore, a wanton woman with whom few could keep up.

Alternate Names:Britt Britain|Kathy Carlton|Kathy Christian|Dolores Colburn|Kathy Collins|Dolores Coubron|Christine Heller|Kristen Heller|Kristin Heller|Cindy Johnson|Kathy Kane|Kathy Kirk|Kathy Kline|Karen Kushman|Kathy Kushman|Karen Kusick|Kathy Kusick|Kathy Marsh|Finlay McGuire|Abigal Mercy|Kathy Thomas|Paula Thomas


1. Family Values N/A
2. Do You Wanna Be Loved? (1975)
3. Spirit of Seventy Sex (1976)
4. Babyface (1977)
5. Teenage Madam (1977)
6. Confessions Of A Woman (1977)
7. Little Girls Blue (1978)
8. 7 Into Snowy (1978)
9. Blue Heat (1978)
10. Erotic Adventures of Candy (1978)
11. Pretty Peaches (1978)
12. ‘V’: The Hot One (1978)
13. Untamed (1979)
14. Swedish Erotica 5 (1981)
15. Sexsations (1984)
16. Good To The Last Drop (1986)

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